MD Clean’s pure water treatment system utilises reverse osmosis (RO) and mixed-bed demineralising resin to produce 100% pure, laboratory grade water.

This process is used to remove a large majority of contaminants from water by pushing the water under pressure through a semi-permeable membrane.

When used for window cleaning purified water dries to a perfect finish. With continued use the window is left clean and sterile. Because no chemicals or detergents are used, purified water has the benefit of being environmentally friendly.

We are so confident of the purity of our water that we supply other companies that require pure water including window cleaners.

We stock large amount of purified water for window cleaning and can fill a 1000 litre vehicle mounted tank in less than 10 minutes.

Our purified water service includes:

  • Fast fill gives you more time on the job
  • Save on purification costs (resin, equipment, maintenance, etc)
  • Reduce supply pressures from water meters, charges, water restrictions and domestic outlets
  • Zero wastage
  • There when you need it – Fill up at our unit Monday to Friday (07.30-17.00)
  • Low cost – Costs start from just 3p per litre (£30.00 for 1000 litres)

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